National Technology Center


Technology center of China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yaohua technology center) was established in 1994. In December 1996, it was recognized by the state economic and trade commission, the state administration of taxation and the general administration of customs as the fourth batch of national enterprise technology centers (China economic and trade technology [1996] no.913). After more than 20 years of continuous construction and development, it has a post-doctoral research station, research and development department, technology quality department, analysis and testing department, science and technology management department, hebei coated glass technology innovation center and other scientific research and management institutions (hebei borosilicate glass technology innovation center is also in the application).It is a high-level, high-level, open, set innovation planning, technical design, industrialization in one of the innovative research and development base.

For many years, Yaohua technology center has been closely focusing on the relevant national industrial policies and the current development forms of enterprises, aiming at the world's cutting-edge technologies, formulating technology innovation strategies and plans, and carrying out technology innovation system construction. We have increased investment in science and technology, carried out extensive technological innovation activities, and developed key core technologies and new products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights. By making full use of yaohua product quality in the domestic leading position, enjoys a high reputation and high user satisfaction, the enterprise has been awarded the titles of well-known trademark, inspection-free products and Chinese famous brand products. And with the help of integration construction to strengthen the enterprise internal fine management, and constantly improve the level of enterprise management.

Yaohua technology center construction, not only to nurture and enhance the enterprise core competitive ability, provides the reliable guarantee for the sustainable development of yao hua, and some important scientific research projects, such as online and low radiation glass, self-cleaning glass high borosilicate float glass, etc. The success of the development, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the glass industry in China, structural adjustment has played a positive role.

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