The quality inspection and skill contest ended successfully.

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-11-04

The 2019 Yaohua Group Staff Skills Competition has organized military training since mid-August, and began training in early September. The official competition was held in mid-October. Today, it ended perfectly.

As the last competition of this skill competition, the quality inspection competition also ended successfully. Before the practical test, the group union sent the glass used for the test to Qinhuangdao Glass Research Institute for testing, which ensured the fairness of the competition. In the quality inspection competition, 7 contestants randomly selected a piece of glass, inspected the optical deformation angle, thickness, and microscopic defects of the glass, and conducted on-site verification and simulation of glass. In just 30 minutes, the examination content covered a number of professional knowledge and comprehensively evaluated the comprehensive strength of the contestants.



The arena is like a virtual classroom. Each inspection has its own characteristics and highlights, which fully demonstrates the serious, responsible and professional professional style of quality inspectors. This form of competition not only allowed contestants to participate, but also infected judges and spectators.

After fierce competition, Wang Lixin from Yao Technology Company finally won the first place in the quality inspection competition with a good score of 97.3 points.


In the defense of today ’s practical competition, Wang Lixin was more nervous, but still won the first place in the competition with his rich experience and wonderful performance. He said: "It's easy to see flowers and difficult to embroider." Each post is not as simple as everyone thinks. It is not "I will do the inspection." After a long period of theoretical learning and experience accumulation, we need to continuously summarize and improve in practice, and more careful, patient and responsible. In any position, it is necessary to maintain a position responsibility, continuously learn the position skills, and strive to become an expert.

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