Do everything and go all out! Yaohua Group fully implements epidemic prevention and control

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-02-10

On January 31, 2020, Yaohua Group held the second conference call on pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of new-type coronavirus infection. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the instructions for the conference call on epidemic prevention and control of China Building Materials Group and Kaisheng Group, and worked on the preliminary work In the past, the epidemic prevention and control work was further refined and rescheduled. The leaders of Yaohua Group Co., Ltd. and the managers above the middle level attended the meeting.

The conference call of China Building Materials Group and Kaisheng Group's epidemic prevention and control work encouraged the Yaohua Group's epidemic prevention and control work,  and clarified the work direction! The second epidemic prevention and control work conference will reduce the number of employees on the premise of maintaining the minimum requirements for production and operation; except for a small number of employees in the factory, other employees will take an organized vacation or remote office; set up a production and operation emergency team; The construction unit signed the "Commitment on Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation" to ensure safe production in special periods, and made further detailed arrangements for epidemic prevention and control.

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia, Yaohua Group has earnestly implemented the instructions and notification requirements of its superiors on the work of epidemic prevention and control. In the past few days, Yaohua Group's Party Committee and Administration issued notice documents to actively implement the relevant requirements of the superiors; emergency plans were formulated for key links in production and operation to ensure stable production; daily monitoring and inspection by all employees, and adhered to the daily and zero reporting system; Guided by public opinion, scientifically propagated and protected knowledge; called on party members and cadres to charge ahead, give full play to the role of exemplary; layer by layer, make a statistical report of the epidemic situation, upload and issue ... The careful implementation of each task reflects the Yaohua people win the epidemic situation The determination and perseverance of the fight! Yaohua Group will rely on the majority of its employees to build a tight line of defense for group prevention and control. We believe that Yaohua people have the confidence and ability to win the epidemic prevention and control!

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