Yaohua Group held another Teleconfer call to deploy epidemic prevention and control and production o

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-02-10

On February 3, Yaohua Group held a conference call on epidemic prevention and control deployment. The conference mainly conveyed the spirit of the China National Building Materials Group and Kaisheng Technology Group's epidemic prevention and control conference call, and reported on the development of Yaohua Group's epidemic prevention and control work. In the next step, the epidemic prevention and control work will be further refined and rescheduled. Leaders of the group company and managers above the middle level of the group attended the meeting.

In accordance with the deployment requirements of China Construction Materials Group, Kaisheng Technology Group, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and Municipal SASAC, Yaohua Group attaches great importance to the prevention and control of epidemics as the top priority of the current situation, and adopted effective prevention and control measures as soon as possible. . Closed management. From February 1st, Yaohua Group combined the actual production and operation of each department and subsidiary with the minimum requirement of maintaining production and operation as the premise, and implemented 15 days as a cycle to implement closed management of shifts A and B to minimize the number of on-site employees. The rest of the staff work remotely at home or arrange annual vacations, and organize self-isolation at home in an organized manner. Considering family factors and humanistic care, special care is given to dual- and female employees. However, in all cases, the zero-report system will be adhered to, and all members will sign the "Personal Commitment for Prevention and Control of Individual Epidemic Diseases" to be bound. Outsourced construction unit. Yaohua Group treats the staff of the external commissioned units as Yaohua employees to implement closed management. The person in charge of the construction unit signs the "Unit Epidemic Prevention Commitment Letter" with relevant companies, and implements daily reporting and zero reporting systems to ensure the epidemic period. The construction is safe, and the project construction and epidemic prevention and control are both correct. Personnel involved in purchasing and sales are subject to a double responsibility system.

Material security. During the fight against the epidemic, Yaohua Group distributed 7,500 protective masks, 100 mercury thermometers, 10 infrared thermometers, 1660 liters of alcohol, 2190 bottles of disinfectant solution, 38 foldable beds, 137 sets of bedding, sponges 200 mattresses, providing material protection for the overall victory of the epidemic prevention and control fight. Clean and disinfect. To ensure a clean and hygienic environment, wipe and disinfect workplaces, logistical support facilities, equipment, and items every day without leaving any dead ends.

Thanks to the joint efforts of everyone, so far, Yaohua Group's epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out in a solid and effective manner, and its employees are emotionally stable and in good health.

According to the overall situation of the epidemic prevention and control, Lu Yingcheng, Party Secretary and General Manager of Yaohua Group fully affirmed the efforts made by leaders at all levels in the epidemic prevention and control work. According to the current epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of each unit, Lu Yingcheng further requested various tasks:

The first is to improve political standing and awareness of the overall situation. All units must strictly implement the instructions given by their superiors, eliminate all difficulties, do their best to prevent and control the epidemic, and truly put the lives and health of their employees first.

The second is to liaise with multiple parties to ensure adequate prevention and control materials. The procurement emergency guarantee team shall take up its responsibilities to ensure the prevention and control of the supply of materials. The group company must carry out unified control of epidemic prevention materials every day and master it in place. It must formulate important prevention and control materials distribution and recovery plans. The Finance Department must make every effort to protect funds.

Third, people-oriented and strengthen humane care. To ensure the quality and safety of heating in the dormitories of the staff and workers in the factory, and the heating measures are in place. The canteen implements a meal-sharing system, raises the canteen's dining standards, and regularly provides food such as milk and fruits to ensure the health of employees. The personnel of foreign commissioned units such as packing, packing, security, cleaning, etc., shall be treated as employees of the company, and care shall be taken from all aspects. The health and safety of the female employees in the factory is personally responsible for the health of the female employees.

The fouth is making discipline serious and inspect managers strictly. The Party and Mass Work Department, the Comprehensive Management Department, and the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office must make every effort to do a good job in serving the grass-roots work, and strictly discipline the work during the epidemic. Any violation of discipline will be dealt with seriously. Strictly inspect the work performance of leading cadres at all levels, and report the inspection results to the party committee of the group after the epidemic. In addition to the personnel in the factory, the staff in class B must be managed and supervised to ensure that there is no omission in the prevention and control of the epidemic and that all personnel are in control.

The fifth is to fully anticipate difficulties and deal with them reasonably. The commerce and trade company shall reasonably reduce the pull-in volume in accordance with the production material reserve situation; the sales department shall have a good sales channel and inventory response plan during the epidemic.

Sixth, the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation work are both correct. The person in charge of each unit shall, in accordance with the requirements of the key KPIs and key work documents issued at the beginning of the year, compare the profit targets and key work targets, find gaps, determine measures, and carry out the work in an orderly manner.

Seventh, resolutely put an end to secondary safety accidents during the epidemic. Enhance safety awareness, popularize knowledge and strictly meet requirements, pay attention to avoid accidents caused by wearing masks, pay attention to avoid fire caused by storage and use of alcohol, and prohibit the use of induction cookers and electric mattresses for heating. Relatively safe electric heating can be used to ensure electricity consumption. Safety.

CCP party members and cadres and the broad masses of workers must always be on guard and must not take it lightly, unite all forces that can be united, and mobilize all factors that can be mobilized. In the face of the epidemic, we must estimate the difficulties more fully, prepare the response measures more fully, overcome difficulties together, and win!

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