Watching the movie -- the classic moment, moved, proud, happy!

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-10-09

Me and my country

Not for a moment

No matter where I go

A song of praise...

What's the hottest movie right now?

Of course, the latest National Day tribute film

Me and my country


In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the general staff, yaohua group company organized all the staff to watch the film "my motherland and me" in batches. ‍

At 7:30 am today, the first group of 40 people gathered at the palme d 'or cinema to watch the film together. ‍

Seven chapters, with a unique perspective, span 70 years of history, recorded the 70 years of development and changes in the new China, with people recalling the classic moments, triggered a strong resonance. The founding of the People's Republic of China, the successful detonation of the first atomic bomb in China, the first Chinese women's volleyball team to win three consecutive world championships, the return of Hong Kong... Each chapter is made in the ordinary great, in the great return to the ordinary, let us see a temperature of the Chinese story.


The movie was over, and the song was still ringing in my ears. "my country and I are inseparable. The excitement lasted a long time.

The seven stories, with laughter and tears, each moment of history is memorable," wang said. "I feel very proud when I see my beloved motherland becoming more and more prosperous.

Qian hongbin said, "it is because of the unsung heroes like gao yuan, with their persistence and efforts, we have achieved today's happy life, and I, as a maintenance worker, will use my tools and experience, for the stable operation of equipment icing on the cake. ‍

Liu jun said: "to the" little people "point of view, to witness the 70 years of the development of the motherland once brilliant moment, to the" little people "feelings, tell the most ordinary people to the motherland the most sincere love. In two and a half hours, seven stories told about the responsibility and dedication of ordinary people, which moved and shocked the young people present."

"I'm so excited," said jiang rongchao, a youth member who had just started work. I cried several times in two and a half hours! I think, every ordinary 'I' have a touching story, it is also every ordinary 'I', just had today's happy life. Our league members will be more strict in the work of their own, the courage to accept the challenge, with the fire of youth struggle, lit up the light of inspiration, based on the post, yaohua hundred years add brick add color!"

This film watching activity, the majority of the staff praise, education is profound, yaohua people will continue to carry forward the hard work, strict discipline, realistic innovation, fight for the first-class yaohua spirit, for the development of the motherland!

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