Yaohua group held disciplinary inspection work meeting

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-10-22

On the afternoon of July 19, yaohua group held a meeting on discipline inspection. Yang limin, deputy secretary of the party committee, chairman of the trade union and deputy general manager of yaohua group, cao hong, discipline inspection committee member of the group and discipline inspection committee of all directly affiliated institutions attended the meeting.


The commission members of the discipline inspection of all directly affiliated institutions reported the construction of clean and honest party conduct from January to July this year and the implementation of the work of the office of the discipline inspection commission of qinhuangdao which strictly forbids the illegal operation and participation of the "promotion dinner" and "teacher appreciation dinner".

In the meeting of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection office (ji do hair [2019] 9) "issued by the < about implementing xi general secretary spirit of important instructions thoroughly implement the spirit of the regulations of the central eight work opinion > notice and the communist party of China (qinhuangdao commission for discipline inspection office (Qin Ji do word [2019] 18)" about strengthening political supervision and service travel season notice two work project deployment, also asked the directly affiliated institutions in accordance with the circular file spirit, pays special attention to the implementation of carefully. We organized all the participants to study the spirit of implementing the eight regulations of the central committee and the spirit of 25 questions.

Combined with the group is currently carrying out several key work, cao hong stressed: one is to implement a good party style clean government construction responsibility system to work content and requirements of a good grasp; The second is to conscientiously perform duties and duties must be done to prevent minor problems, move forward, remind the first, the main responsibility of supervision and discipline implementation; Third, we will earnestly implement the spirit of "five cows" in the discipline inspection work of kaisheng group to remind education to catch the early and catch the small, and standardize the work process of discipline inspection to ensure the implementation of all the work; Fourth, strengthen the efficiency supervision, improve the efficiency and benefit the cadres of discipline inspection and supervision at all levels should strive to do their work and life, actively carry out efficiency supervision, maintain the healthy development of enterprises; Fifth, we should strengthen our study, improve our quality, constantly adapt to new situations and new requirements, and strive to make the discipline inspection work the adviser and assistant of the party committee, so as to escort the production and operation, project construction and future development of the enterprise.

Yang limin put forward three requirements on the work of discipline inspection: first, we should strengthen our study and constantly improve our business level and awareness of integrity, realize the organic combination of production and operation business and discipline inspection procedures, and serve the economic construction of enterprises. Second, we must fulfill our duties and do a good job in the communication, deployment and implementation of the work. Discipline inspection cadres to remember the mission, careful supervision, remind in place. Third, we must focus on the key points and areas to promote work.

Watched the warning educational conference organization "rest", by watching the warning, we further realize the importance of preventive, want serious takes office have said, keep in mind the mission, and fear, intellectual and keep the bottom line, to build a enhance ideological and moral lines, jointly build wind fresh air is good atmosphere.

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