China Building Materials Group's "Five Bulls" Spirit

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-11-05

Stick to the bull - implement responsibility

Power means responsibility, and power means responsibility. The first job that clean government builds is to carry out responsibility. The party committee is the leading body, the implementing body, the working body and the advancing body of the construction of clean and honest party conduct. The commission for discipline inspection (ccdi), as a functional institution that focuses on the construction of party conduct and clean government, realizes the "three transformations" under the unified leadership of the party committee, highlights the main business of supervision, enforcement and accountability, and strictly performs the supervision responsibilities.

Morning cow nose -- the key few

To comprehensively and strictly govern the party, we need to focus on the "key minority" as the fundamental principle and adhere to the above guidelines. We will also control the "vast majority" with discipline and consolidate the party's foundation for governance with strict discipline. The "key minority" of enterprise leading cadres, especially the main leaders, is the key factor to lead the development of enterprises and promote the operation of enterprises. It is also the key benchmark to lead the innovation practice of the "vast majority" and the key link of the construction of party style and clean government.

Bull 's-eye - scratch early, scratch small

To catch small problems early and prevent them from getting small ones is to implement the requirement of "learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones and cure diseases to save people" put forward in the party constitution. We should promptly find out the emerging problems and tendencies among party members and cadres, and make early detection, early warning and early correction so as to prevent small mistakes from turning into big mistakes. Adhere to the "focus", focus on bidding and procurement and other sensitive business to prevent crime; We will carry out anti-corruption work at designated places on important festivals, strictly enforce shopping CARDS, vouchers, entertaining and gift-giving activities, and put an end to illegal practices such as collecting and sending gifts to people in violation of regulations, as well as illegal practices such as private use of buses, public money for travel, public money for consumption, gathering wealth through marriage or death, and extravagance and waste.

Comb the hair -- educational warning

The point of building clean and honest government of the party style and face are much like a cow hair, education warning is about to comb "cow hair", the right medicine, often catch, catch often, speak every year, speak every month, speak every day, every meeting will speak, improve learning and propaganda education effect.

Drill horn - strict enforcement discipline

By delving into the spirit, adhere to the honest self-discipline rules of the communist party of China, the Chinese communist party disciplinary regulations and regulations on the accountability of the communist party of China, on the certain guidelines of the party's political life under the new situation, the communist party of China inner-party supervision regulations to follow, according to the regulations of the "constitution" in the "three major tasks", "five regular work" really set the position of the discipline inspection commission, or good, resolutely do ji in front and in JiYan process.

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