70th anniversary series - singing competition

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-11-12

In order to warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, praise the great achievements of the motherland, stimulate the patriotic feelings of all staff, encourage all cadres and staff to overcome difficulties and forge ahead. On the morning of September 28, yaohua group held a singing competition with the theme of "me and my motherland". Song after song full of passion, a wonderful and fierce speech, showing the vast number of staff building dream yaohua's boundless power, expressed the boundless love of yaohua people for the great motherland. The activity lasted for three hours and more than 200 people watched the wonderful performance.

Yesterday, the WeChat public account of yaohua group pushed the flash video of "my country and me", which received wide attention and praise from all walks of life. At the beginning of today's activity, we played the flash video on the spot, and everyone saw the familiar smiling face and beautiful factory environment, and gave a burst of warm applause.

Six choruses competed with eight speakers, the beating notes forming a beautiful melody and the soulful words telling a wonderful story.

The sincere feeling expressed in the words in the song aroused the strong resonance of the audience and caused a burst of applause.

The speech competition process is wonderful and intense, eight contestants in turn on stage, to feel to sing praises of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, or to post the practice of the reform and development of the enterprise.

In the end, the judges awarded the first, second and third prizes of the art performance competition. Li gaoxiang of yao technology company won the first prize of speech contest; Li jiaming from hongyao company and zhang lanfang from north company won the second prize of speech contest. The third prize in the speech contest was won by rui, qian hongbin from yaoji company and lina Yang from north company. North company won the first prize of chorus competition, hongyao company won the second prize of chorus competition, and the group headquarters won the third prize of chorus competition.

The last program recited the mini-series melodrama yaohua -- the butterfly that broke the cocoon to pursue a dream to fly, with the powerful "yaohua, born in qinhuangdao in 1922... The voiceover begins. Eight young yaohua men read emotionally to the audience about yaohua's changes in the past three years.

Group party committee deputy secretary, deputy general manager Yang limin delivered a speech. He said: the whole program, wonderful, really show our spirit of yaohua people, express the infinite love of our yaohua workers to the motherland, reflect our yaohua people's fighting. I would like to thank the leaders of the company for their strong support for this event and every member of the cast and crew for their hard work. Finally, I want to say: yaohua can! Yaohua will do!

Group party secretary, general manager lv yingcheng made a warm speech. 'thank you all, thank you yaohua for the whole team,' he said. In the past three years, yaohua has made progress and changed every year. Through three years of efforts, we have made great progress in production and operation, environmental improvement and team building. In the next step, we are working toward the common goal of gathering strength and carrying forward, in order to welcome the arrival of the centenary of yaohua, for the inheritance of the centenary of yaohua efforts to contribute their own strength! On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, I sincerely wish our motherland more prosperity, yaohua more beautiful tomorrow!

The successful holding of the singing competition has united the people, inspired the morale and inspired the spirit, and inspired every employee of yaohua to make unremitting efforts for the realization of yaohua's "hundred years yaohua, ten billion enterprises" with more full passion!













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