70th anniversary series - city reading

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-11-13

Late on September 17, qinhuangdao city federation of trade unions of xi "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" learning the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics new era worker read wonderful performance in qinhuangdao people's square, qinhuangdao 12 units in different forms, from different sides showed new era in jinping club of socialism with Chinese characteristics led by the working class high morale and accomplishments. The program was brilliant.

Yaohua group selected to read the mini-series of melodrama "yaohua - butterfly to pursue a dream" the fourth debut, with the powerful "yaohua, 1922 was born in qinhuangdao...... The voiceover begins.

Voice-over for people to recall the history of the yao hua and the once brilliant, eight people emotional young yao hua read to the audience about the change of three years, yao hua: worker shunt placement actively yet prudently, substantive progress was made in restructuring and new project completed and put into operation, the main pollutant of ultra-low emission, innovation development achievements, the worker income increase by a wide margin.

The two mini-sitcoms inserted in the middle let us understand the changes in the new era of yaohua from the perspective of onlookers.

Finally, the new generation of yaohua people full of passion shouted out: results only represent yesterday, struggle to make the future brilliant. After years of baptism and historical precipitation, the yaohua people who welcome the century-old yaohua will bear new hopes and pursuits, break the cocoon and change the butterfly to fly by dream, fly through the air and break the fog!

The organizers of the evening party are full of praise to yaohua's program, they said: yaohua has not appeared in the big stage for a long time, once known as the "glass city" of qinhuangdao people have yaohua complex in their hearts, today you show you the style of the new yaohua, everyone is very happy.

Advisers tian guoan and zhang lixia said: yaohua has a glorious memory in the hearts of our generation. We are very pleased to see the changes of yaohua today, and we are willing to do our best to help yaohua to show our talent on the stage.

The audience watched the performance and applauded for yaohua's achievement. Some of them even shed tears excitedly.

The programme was a great success. This is the group behind the leadership of the strong support and hard work of the performance team. The group leaders personally review the program, change the script, visit the scene for many times to guide, the performance team 24 days regardless of holidays hard rehearsal. The performance finally achieved its desired effect.

The comrades who took part in the performance were reaping the rewards.

Stone now said: through this activity was moved by the history of yaohua, standing on the stage in the face of qinhuangdao citizens, very emotional, really want to let everyone through us, see today's yaohua! I am proud of us!

Li gaoxiang said: life experience many, this period of time is our unforgettable memory, let us fully understand the history of yaohua, also let us more believe in the future of yaohua road.

Dong jiaqi said: as a new generation of yaohua people, in the public view to be able to show themselves, show yaohua, hope to be able to yaohua shine!

Guo said: inherit the spirit of yaohua, yaohua responsibility. Young people, we will continue to work hard.

Wang said: the activity shows the spirit of yaohua, we also have a deeper understanding of the spirit of yaohua, we will work harder in the future.

Ji wei said: through this activity, we deeply understood the essence of yaohua's spirit. New youth, pursue a dream to fly! Add luster for yaohua!

Li jiaming said: through this activity to show the style of the new yaohua, we present the elegant demeanour of yaohua people, in the future work and life, we will continue to inherit the spirit of yaohua, yaohua successor.

This is the young generation of yaohua, they love yaohua, have the ideal, can endure hardship, have the drive. With such young people, yaohua will have a better future.






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